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Nasma Ahmed is a black muslimah working within the intersections of social justice, technology and policy. She is a technologist and capacity builder based in Toronto. Currently she is the Director of the Digital Justice Lab, an initiative focused on building a more just and equitable digital future. In the past Nasma was an Open Web Fellow with Ford and Mozilla Foundation, she worked with Mpower Change. Nasma consults and works with organizations based in North America focusing on various digital issues from digital security to digital literacy. She is passionate about building accessible and inclusive technology for diverse communities.

Work  + Workshops

RightsCon May 2018 Toronto

Two workshops + day long Young Shapers Program

This year at RightsCon, I hosted two sessions on inclusive digital security program design and YWCA Project Shift. I facilitated a day long event with the Young Shapers Program at Access Now

GOOD Conference May 2018 Barrie

Open Smart Cites and Digital Justice

A panel with Bianca Wylie, Meghan Hellstern,Pamela Robinson and Raoul Plommer about Digital Justice and how it relates to smart cities

Theorizing the Web April 2018 NYC

Please Don’t Include Us Thank You 

Presented a talk at the TTW with Sarah Aoun about the ways diverse communities don’t need to be included in data sets.

Digital Futures Pilot One April 2018 Toronto

Digital Futures Pilot Program

Working with students at the Cedarbrae Library to shape Digital Futures of Privacy through interactive activities